Our work

We shape the public policy debates and political narratives in cities and state capitals across the country. Whether it’s expanding economic development opportunities or fighting for common-sense gun laws, criminal justice reform or increased funding for important programs, our clients win big.


Making Change

We develop and drive state and local campaigns that grab the attention of state and local decisionmakers. Through earned media, direct contact and digital campaigns, we build grasstops and grassroots coalitions that help move policy.


Moving the needle on critical policies

Our stories have helped move the needle on important policy fights such as enacting common sense gun reform, banning flavored tobacco, and protecting a woman’s right to choose.

Economic Development

Bolstering local economies

From protecting vital economic development programs from being cut in city and state budgets, to winning hearts and minds around the land use review process—our work has helped towns, regions and states continue to thrive, leveraging a diverse set of voices to advocate on key policy issues.


Challenging the system

Our purpose is helping organizations and movements advocate for dignity in the workplace, spur upward economic mobility, and challenge the system so that it works for every American.


Greening the planet

Through our environmental and advocacy work we have helped our clients protect our natural resources, stand up to the fracking industry and advance ambitious renewable energy policies.

Video: “Gov Baker” (Toxics Action Center)

Video: “This Could Happen” (Rethink Energy NJ)

Video: “Poisoned” (Fair Share Action)

Video: “Map” (Southern Environmental Law Center)

Video: “Takeover” (Food + Water Watch)

Video: “Holyoke” (Toxics Action Center)


Enacting reform

Winning the news cycle once a reform is in effect is just as critical as passing the law. We leverage our team’s unique expertise to help our clients establish an effective plan, ensure that there is a unified response from the advocacy community, and enable quick action to control the narrative.


Keeping Us Moving

Economic development in cities and suburbs alike is impossible without strong, safe and reliable transportation networks. We help innovators in the transit space to tell their stories—and make real progress to create better, more seamless travel.