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We’re industry vets with a new vision

Traditional gaming PR tactics are no longer enough to reach the modern consumer.

Today, gamers make emotional bonds with the games and brands they love —and connections are built on more than just launches and industry events.

As publishers and studios of all sizes continue to adapt to a rapidly changing industry, we are putting our decades of collective experience working in AAA and indie games, consoles and peripherals, to give voice and power to storied studios and aspiring game-makers.

Our approach

Welcome to Gaming PR 3.0

Gaming PR 3.0 brings together previously disparate PR disciplines — product, brand, corporate and internal — into a unified communications program where each element feeds off the other’s success.

Gaming PR Marketing Agency

Consumers & Products

Regardless of the product or the audience, consumers don’t just buy things, they make emotional connections with the brands they engage with, and we build those connections by telling your whole story.

Gaming PR Marketing Agency


Reinforce your connection with target audiences through powerful actions and programs, including CSR, thought leadership, scroll-stopping content, and beyond. After all, breaking through overcrowded media goes beyond reviews. It demands agility and imagination.

Gaming PR Marketing Agency


Respect and appreciate the people who make your brand what it is through robust and transparent internal communications that create real dialogue and make them advocates for your products and people.

Gaming PR

Meet your team

We are a collective of gaming enthusiasts, expert strategists, gaming/tech journalists, creators, and creative thinkers with decades of experience. As part of Observer’s #1 Best PR Firm in America, our team adds yet another layer of experience and skills to BerlinRosen’s already deep Tech and Innovation practice.


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