Our work

We elevate the voices of workers, lift the profiles of labor leaders and dig deep into data that wins campaigns, shifts debates and, ultimately, changes lives.

Contract Campaigns

Winning life-changing contracts for workers

We develop and execute digital, media and member communications strategies that help workers win life-changing contracts across the economy—from telecommunications to aviation to health care.


Creating strategies and messages to build collective power

We’re relentless and creative, and our worker-centered strategies and messages put companies on the defense, build collective power and generate momentum.


Shaping policy debates

From a $15/hour minimum wage and making it easier for workers to join unions, to earned sick days, paid leave and protections for workers in the gig economy, we are mapping out the political strategies that define the debate on the future of work.


Elevating voices of movement leaders

Our team works with the people on the front lines, fighting the most high-profile battles for racial and economic justice. We develop and implement comprehensive plans to raise the profiles of these leaders – including media training, op-ed placement, message development, speech writing and more.