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Venture Capital PR: How Communications Can Empower VC Innovation

Shruti Sehgal

July 1st, 2021

Venture Capital PR, VC PR, VC Strategy

The pandemic fueled a spike in technology—especially when it comes to venture capital support. However, few VCs have invested in the right PR strategies to elevate powerful ideas. 

As global venture investing continues to soar, reaching an all-time high of $300B in 2020 and setting a new record of $125B this past quarter, startups are getting more support than ever. But skyrocketing venture capital during a global recession should hardly be surprising—times of need require relentless innovation.

Take, for example, the Spiro Wave, an emergency FDA-approved solution developed by our client New Lab during New York City’s early ventilator shortage. Or our client Urbanfootprint, which pivoted its software last year to quickly provide local governments and relief organizations with real-time data to better deploy their COVID-19 resources.

To deliver and scale quickly throughout pandemic, these start-up innovators have relied on immediate access funds and other critical resources, including much-needed support from VCs.

In recent years, venture capital firms have become especially adept at expanding their services beyond simply fronting capital. Even before the pandemic, Silicon Valley giants like Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins had long billed themselves as full-service VC firms, offering fledgling startup companies support with everything from recruiting talent to finding legal counsel to shaping executive boards and more.

Although some venture capital firms have put more resources towards developing their PR services over the past several months in tandem with their investments, few have as seriously invested in VC PR and strategic communications as our current moment requires.

That’s where BerlinRosen comes in.

Ever since we launched our Technology & Innovation PR practice in 2015, we’ve worked with over 100 VCs, investors and their portfolio companies across all stages of growth. 

Since the start of the pandemic alone, the majority of our technology-focused midsize and startup PR clients have refocused their businesses on mitigating the fallout from this crisis.

Our team represents some of the savvy innovators helping us navigate our transition to a post-pandemic world.

Our work on behalf of clients including General Assembly, Per Scholas, Possibilities Labs and CarverEdison (among many others) has spanned everything from:

  • Upskilling workers into future pandemic-proof jobs
  • Mass-producing masks during the shortage
  • Helping more rank and file workers take advantage of the burgeoning stock market
  • Disrupting capital markets for grassroots BIPOC-led organizations
  • Launching new virtual mental health services during quarantine
  • …and much more

VCs and investors we already work with including Hangar, Urban-X and New Lab have seen firsthand how our services have helped their portfolio companies rise to the challenge during these unprecedented times. 

Over the past 18 months, we’ve helped our clients completely reshift their business playbooks, helping them learn how to rebuild and fly the plane at the same time. Beyond communications and strategy, we’ve helped our PR clients navigate larger business and organizational priorities, often working hand-in-hand with their investor partners to help reset priorities and maximize their potential for growth and success.

We’ve beta-tested newly pivoted products and re-written sales decks. We’ve developed competitive research insights, identifying current gaps our clients are uniquely positioned to fill. 

Above all, we’ve helped a fair share of our tech and venture capital PR clients win over new market share during these trying times: creating and launching in-demand remote technology and healthcare solutions, while also helping our mission-focused clients navigate growing demands from their sectors.

But our work is far from over. 

As we transition out of the pandemic this summer, the world needs innovation more than ever.

From lifting up small businesses and unemployed workers, to building a more sustainable and equitable future, to wholly reimagining industries hit hardest by the crisis—we need new ideas, new thinking and, of course, a ton of resources to get it all done. 

We are here to help.