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A Coffee with… Edith Morris, Account Supervisor

January 21st, 2020

Edith Morris, Account Supervisor

☕️ We grabbed coffee with Edith Morris, Account Supervisor on our Lifestyle & Travel team. We had a chat about her unique approach to working with Lifestyle & Travel clients, highlights of her experience at BerlinRosen, and a public plea for Netflix to renew ‘You’ for a third season.

How do you like your coffee?
Black, no sugar, no milk. Iced.

What do you like to do outside of work? 
Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family and friends in the Hudson Valley and in the City. During the warmer months, you can find me traveling to nearby cities for weekend trips. I love being a weekend warrior when it comes to travel. I am also big on reading and catching up on the latest blockbuster movies. I would definitely recommend reading JustMercy, Becoming: Michelle Obama and watching Uncut Gems. 

What’s like it to be a part of the Lifestyle & Travel team?
Beyond being a part of such a talented and passionate team, I am excited to work with such great and diverse clients ranging from hotels, emerging neighborhoods and the world’s best airline. I enjoy working with our real estate clients as well and finding new ways to tell their stories from a lifestyle perspective. Most recently, we were able to travel to Singapore to immerse ourselves into the inner workings of Singapore Airlines and the destination itself.

What are you most proud of doing since joining the firm?
Some of the biggest professional highlights for me were working on the opening of the TWA Hotel, the largest hotel opening of last year, joining the Singapore Airlines team and helping to open 3 World Trade Center in 2018. 

Tell me a life-changing moment that helped shape who you are today.
I would say moving to New York City. I am originally from Poughkeepsie in the Hudson Valley, so moving to the City was a big move for me to start my career in PR. It’s been a great five years now!

What advice would you give to candidates applying to join BerlinRosen?
We’re very nimble here. We have our own practice areas but we’re also willing to learn new things and be open-minded, so you can look at things from different perspectives.

⚡️ Fast Facts

  • Last TV show I binge-watched: You. Season 1 and Season 2. I binge-watched the whole thing within 48 hours. Amazing, really suspenseful. Now they have to renew for a 3rd season.
  • Restaurant I’d only recommend to close friends: If you’re in Williamsburg you must try out Le Crocodile at the Wythe Hotel, and also Regionals, a family-owned Italian restaurant in the Upper West Side near Columbia University.
  • Best concert I’ve ever experienced: Easy. Beyonce’. On the Run 2. Washington DC. I’ve always been a big Beyonce’ fan.
  • Book that changed me: Just Mercy was a recent book that I have read that really opened my mind to the issues with the criminal justice system. It’s a must-read.  
  • Movie I’d pay to see again and again: The Black Swan with Natalie Portman
  • My hero is… Michelle Obama, not just because she’s the First Lady but because she’s a very intelligent and strong woman who has it all, in my opinion. 
  • Advice I’d tell my young self: Keep dreaming, the best is yet to come.