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Get to Know Our Hiring Process

May 30th, 2022

Whether you’ve already applied for a role or are thinking of exploring opportunities with us, we’re excited that you’re considering joining BR! Here’s what to expect while interviewing with us…

The process:

1) Application Submission

To create a strong application:

  • Tailor your application materials to the role. Show us how your skills and interests align with the position, why BR fits your future career goals and your passion for the role. If you haven’t worked in a particular sector before, showcase your transferable skills and tell us why you want a career change.
  • Don’t be shy–use your resume and cover letter to brag. Outlining your current and previous day-to-day responsibilities is important, but we’re most excited to hear about your achievements, including data when possible.
  • Proofread your materials and convert to PDFs so they maintain their original formatting.

Don’t hesitate to apply even if you don’t meet every role requirement! Our team is the most successful when we have fresh perspectives and we’re always eager to speak with candidates from different backgrounds. 

2) Recruiter Interview

You’ll be invited to a ~30-minute phone screen with one of our recruiters to discuss:  

  • Your current and previous day-to-day job responsibilities.
  • Why you’re interested in BR.
  • Role logistics (i.e., salary, location).
  • Any questions you have for us! Interviewing is a two-way street and we’re happy to talk about our firm culture, opportunities for growth and anything else on your mind.

3) Trial Project

The trial project is a skills-based assessment that allows us to learn more about your strategic thinking and gives you a peek into the role’s daily tasks. It’s hypothetical and only for the interview process; it won’t be used as real work for clients or internally.

Trial projects help reduce bias and create an equitable interview process (studies have shown that they are an indicator of future success in a position). Your submission is anonymized to further increase equity.

4) Team Interviews

You should be prepared to:

  • Talk about your trial project submission (we love to hear about your thought process).
  • Speak more about your previous experience.
  • Ask more questions! Take this opportunity to learn as much as you can about the team directly from those that do the work every day.

5) Reference Checks

Professional references help us to not only learn about you from previous co-workers, but to also gain insight around how to best set you up for success in your new role. 

6) Offer

Then, our team will review everything from your application to reference checks and everything in between to make a final decision.

We look forward to seeing your application!