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A Coffee with Chelsea Osterweil, Talent Manager

June 30th, 2022

We grabbed coffee with our talent manager Chelsea Osterweil to chat about the importance of Pride Month, tips for candidates applying to work at BerlinRosen and even her favorite TV shows to binge-watch.

How do you like your coffee?
This may sound incredibly boring, but it’s honestly just regular coffee with whole milk, either hot or iced.

What’s the meaning of Pride Month to you?
As someone who identifies as Queer and a member of the LGBTQ+ community, it’s about being unapologetically myself. In a greater sense, it’s also about creating and/or finding safe spaces and coming together with your chosen family.

Tell me about what you do at BerlinRosen.
I am a Talent Manager within BR’s Operations department. I manage and execute full life cycle recruiting for both full-time and internship positions for a number of teams, including Issue Advocacy, Strategic Campaigns, Digital Advocacy and more!

Why did you join BerlinRosen?
Many reasons, but I’ll share my top one—I was really looking for a new work environment where employees are valued and respected and all staff members are given a seat at the table, inclusive of all levels and experiences.

What tips would you give to candidates applying to work at BR?
First, when applying, I recommend uploading your resume (and cover letter) as PDFs—this way, it preserves the formatting and ensures your document looks exactly the way you intended! Second, come fully prepared to your interviews—review the job description and our website, study your completed writing assessment (if applicable), be prepared to answer behavioral interview questions, showcase how your experience can be transferable to the job at hand, and don’t forget your questions for your interviewers! Pro tip: Send customized thank-you notes to your interviewers afterwards.

Tell me a life-changing moment that helped shape who you are today.
For those who don’t know this about me, I was born deaf and received cochlear implant surgery at the age of 9. Growing up, both pre- and post-cochlear implant, I had to learn how to advocate for myself, to be dedicated and to persevere, despite any and all obstacles that tried to stand in my way. One of the biggest things I learned from my mom, who dedicated her time in supporting me and helping me succeed, is that “there’s nothing in life you can’t do if you’re willing to work hard for it.”

⚡️ Fast Facts

Last TV show I binge-watched: I just finished watching three different shows: “Grace and Frankie” (complete series on Netflix), “The Girl From Plainville” (limited series on Hulu), and “Love, Victor” (complete series on Hulu & Disney+). All different, but all very worthy of (binge) watching.

Restaurant (delivery) I’d recommend to close friends: From when I was previously living in Astoria, one of the best restaurants is Manducatis Rustica (located on Vernon Boulevard in Long Island City), and they have amazing brick oven pizza. My personal fave is tartufo pizza, which has burrata and truffle oil.

A concert that you’d love to experience: If I could go back in time, I was one of those teenage girls that desperately wanted to see the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus in concert together. Who knows—maybe they’ll reunite someday!

Best album ever: I am actually a huge lover of Broadway shows, so one of my favorite albums is the original cast recording for “Come From Away.” This show will sadly be closing in the fall, so I highly recommend seeing it if you haven’t already!

My dream dinner guests are: I think it would be really nice to meet my grandparents (dad’s parents), who both unfortunately passed away before I was born.

Book that changed me: I don’t read books regularly, but one of my favorite ones is “Know My Name: A Memoir,” written by Chanel Miller.

Movie I’d pay to see again and again: “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” 100%. It is iconic, a laugh-out-loud kind of funny, and I can’t imagine ever getting tired of it.

Advice I’d tell my young self: It’s 100% OK to feel your feelings and share them with others! There will be good times and bad, laughter and tears, and you have an incredible support system of people who love and care about you.