COVID-19 response

Our dedicated COVID-19 Crisis Strategy team tracks the latest developments and health guidance, stays on top of how organizations and companies are responding, engages the media and ensures that we are immersed in the issue and in best practices for successfully communicating internally and externally.

Media Relations

Shaping narratives

From helping clients break into the coverage and elevate the voices of impacted workers and communities to helping organizations with internal communications and scenario planning, we craft and drive effective strategies.

CBS News: What Democratic AGs are doing to protect people during COVID-19

Digital strategy

Digital strategies that break through the noise

We move entire communications and mobilization operations online, overnight. We create COVID-19 microsites and targeted actions to activate supporters, and design clickable creative to spread your message. During a time when people can’t congregate in person, we build out infrastructure for virtual social media rallies and Zoom town halls, tailoring member email and SMS communications to meet the moment and launching ads optimized for results.