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Olúwatọ̀nà Campbell

Account Coordinator

New York


Olúwatọ̀nà Campbell is an Account Coordinator in BerlinRosen’s Tech and Innovation practice working with clients in the cleantech and impact investment industries. Olúwatọ̀nà drives media relations, support the development of brand messaging strategies, and navigates complex media landscapes with thoughtful research and analysis. Before joining BerlinRosen, Olúwatọ̀nà organized with the Sunrise Movement for climate justice, and for Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 campaign. Olúwatọ̀nà is a graduate of NYU, where they studied politics, media, and technology; and earned a Truman Scholarship for public service. When they aren’t curating R’n’B & Afrobeats playlists, they are cooking new recipes with friends and fervently rooting for Chelsea F.C.

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