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Miranda Barbot

Vice President

New York


Miranda Barbot is a Vice President focusing on economic and racial justice, immigration and broader social impact. She is skilled in bringing clear, concise messaging to complex issues, and brings a wealth of experience in managing large-scale public policy rollouts, handling high profile crises, and navigating challenging press inquiries at a rapid pace. Prior to joining BerlinRosen, Miranda served as Press Secretary for New York City’s Department of Education, the largest public school system in the nation, overseeing both long-term media relations strategy and day-to-day rapid response for the City as it related to education issues ranging from equity in access and segregation to culturally responsive curriculum and policies. Miranda previously served as Director of Communications for the Hispanic Federation, where she crafted messaging on critical issues for the Latinx community from healthcare and reproductive justice to immigration and voting rights. Miranda is a born and bred product of Brooklyn, and a diehard Yankees fan, two points of extreme pride for her.

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