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BerlinRosen's Litigation Communications team provides strategic counsel around high-profile litigation and investigations. We guide clients through communications decisions that can determine the outcome of a case.

In today's headline-driven, 140-character world, even the public specter of legal proceedings can be damaging, destroying reputations, relationships and livelihoods. Criminal prosecutors routinely employ public affairs specialists to define a case publically. We provide clients with the resources to do battle in the court of public opinion while also defending themselves in a court of law.


We offer legal clients a wide range of services:

  • Strategic Message Development

    In close consultation with clients, we immerse ourselves in the legal strategy and build a parallel communications plan. We then create a set of communications materials including 'talking points,' press releases and user-friendly 'backgrounders' or fact-sheets.

  • Media Relations

    Once a strategy is in place, we reach the proper audiences via targeted earned media with the right reporters, columnists, bloggers and broadcasters. We can handle media directly or provide in-house communications teams with support and expertise, particularly in crisis situations.

  • Media Training & Logistics

    Even the most seasoned professionals can be uncomfortable acting as the public face of a legal effort. We provide media training to help develop, frame and effectively communicate a message and prepare clients to be interviewed by reporters.

  • Internal and Direct Communications

    Many crisis situations, particularly regulatory proceedings, require an internal communications strategy. We help clients navigate the conversation with key stakeholders and communicate directly with core audiences rather than having to rely on the press as an intermediary.

  • Recent Engagements

    We have a proven track record of devising and managing legal campaigns