Our Services » Media Training

At BerlinRosen, we empower our clients to speak with confidence at events and during interviews on-camera and off by helping distill complex issues into compelling talking points and messages.

We work with spokespeople – from Cabinet members to elected officials, to CEOs and advocates – to give them the skills they need to anticipate and answer tough questions, demonstrate credibility, generate positive news and assert control in a crisis. Through expert media training, we prepare our clients to anticipate and answer tough questions, enhance reputations and shape the outcome of any interview.

  • Proprietary curriculum

    Our in-house media training curriculum has been honed over years of training sessions and is tailored to each of our clients’ goals. It has been used to train hundreds of spokespeople across a diverse set of issues and backgrounds.

  • Group trainings

    We provide large and small group trainings for principals, staff and spokespeople, teaching crucial skills such as message discipline, message delivery and best practices for engaging with the media.

  • Individual sessions

    We conduct highly customized, intensive one-on-one trainings for high-level media appearances, including on-camera practice and mock interview sessions – for even the most reluctant interviewees. 

  • Continuing support

    Following our trainings, we provide ongoing preparation in advance of speeches and interviews, and hold regular refresher mini-trainings to support our clients’ public relations goals.

  • Crisis Assistance

    We are quick, discreet, and experienced, helping clients prepare ahead of time for potential crises and, when that's not an option, jumping on board in urgent situations to get the story under control.