Our Services » Digital & Social Media

BerlinRosen’s digital strategies and creative online tactics have dramatically moved the needle for organizations—online and off.

BerlinRosen launched its digital practice in 2014 to become our clients’ one-stop shop for digital strategy, advertising, social media and online organizing. Harnessing tailored solutions with exact execution, our digital team pairs innovative strategies and new tactics to maximize the online space for our clients’ success.

  • Digital Strategy

    Combined with our creative and messaging teams, our digital practice brings a level of strategic expertise and experience that most other firms simply cannot. The digital practice, integrated throughout the entire client engagement, guarantees that BerlinRosen clients receive top-to-bottom strategic advice and execution.

  • Creating Moments

    One of the most powerful tools online is creativity. Having worked with some of the biggest organizations, figures and issues around the world, BerlinRosen’s digital team will work with you to design a creative plan to change the conversation online around your issue and drive real results that leave a lasting impact online and on the ground.

  • Online Advertising

    Working with organizations and brands, BerlinRosen’s digital advertising team identifies and reaches exact online audiences with spot-on targeting and engaging, effective creative content. 

  • Social Media Management

    BerlinRosen designs and executes social media strategy for some of the biggest companies, philanthropies, advocacy groups and political candidates in the country. From day-to-day content creation to conceptualizing and driving memorable moments online, our digital team is ready to define your organization’s voice online and expand your social media footprint.

  • Web Development

    BerlinRosen’s digital team designs and builds websites that will drive users to a clear set of actions you want them to take and information you want them to see. All our web projects are responsively designed to work on all devices and browsers.

  • Digital Advocacy

    Launching a new organization or movement is a hugely important opportunity to build new audiences and drive an online conversation. BerlinRosen’s digital team implements online campaigns that identify and recruit new supporters to drive meaningful results around a big launch or moment.