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Eric Schneiderman Case Study: Propelling a Progressive Underdog to Victory

    • The Challenge

      Eric Schneiderman began 2010 as a well-respected New York State Senator but little-known candidate for State Attorney General. Much of the state's Democratic party organization supported other candidates. And Schneiderman was outraised by two other contenders in a crowded five-candidate field.

    • The BerlinRosen Approach

      Research pointed the way to a narrow path to victory—consistently and unabashedly reinforcing Schneiderman's progressive bona fides—as a reformer with a lifetime of standing up to powerful interests. We helped the candidate win key editorial board and institutional endorsements and developed a voter contact model that made the most efficient use of the campaign's direct mail dollars to target a winning coalition.

    • The Outcome

      Schneiderman came from behind (from 4% in a public poll in late July) to win a slender victory in the September Democratic primary over opponents who spent $2-3 million more than he did—and he went on to defeat his Republican opponent in 2010.

    What they said: "They are of the long-term vision that you really need to have with progressive politics, but they're also completely grounded in the reality of getting votes and sowing messages." - New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in Bloomberg News