Our work

We connect brands to the right people and elevate their prominence, at home and abroad. From launching hotels, turning neighborhoods into destinations, or cultivating partnerships and promotions, our team has the expertise to create moments that won’t soon be forgotten.


No two hotel experiences are (or should be) the same

Whether it’s establishing a new brand or keeping a classic property fresh and relevant, we work with developers, ownership teams and brand flagships to bring the experience they provide to life.


Culinary destinations and activations

With so much competition, enticing people to spend time at our client’s establishments requires innovative thinking— celebrity chefs and emerging talent, amplifying offerings, a new bar concept, a reimagined menu, a dynamic food hall or a trendy pop-up — nothing is out of reach. We work with writers and influencers who know how to cut through the clutter to create stunning content.


Supporting clients who cater to the on-the-move trendsetters

From a local bike program, the world’s finest airline, or the transit system of the future, we tap consumer trends, look to innovations, and tell stories that tout realities and dispel perceptions.


Amplifying personalities and defining evolving locations

From Smorgasburg at Lower Manhattan’s World Trade Center campus to placing Seaport at the top of ‘must visit’ lists when traveling to Boston, we evolve destinations and lead people to places and spaces.


Taking residential buildings to new heights

Luxury residential buildings are now taking cues from hotels by offering elevated services, amenities, and programming. That could be building full-service gyms, state-of-the-art lounges, organizing an apple picking field trip, kids playrooms and more.