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What is Cultural Competency? Find Out Why Brands Need It

August 15th, 2022

define cultural competency

Let’s talk about cultural competency.

We hear more and more about organizations engaging with diverse audiences, wanting to expand their reach and lift up the values behind their brands. The social reckonings of the past few years have compelled so many to say they need to do more—us included—and for many, the hard work of culture change is truly happening. 

But we also hear about organizations that don’t know how to be authentic when engaging new audiences, or are not sure what to do in the face of sudden pressure to change and adapt. Confronted with complex cultural challenges inside or outside their operations, an organization’s best intentions can backfire: acting too late, failing to make an impact, leaping into damage control when finding the right strategy sooner could have made all the difference.

America’s consumers and employees have never been more mission-driven when it comes to in the brands they support and where they choose to work. They expect accountability, alignment, and connection. We see huge opportunities in this shifting landscape for today’s companies and brands to forge deeper, more diverse engagements while creating new opportunities for growth and success. But how to make the most of this moment?

BerlinRosen’s new Cultural Competency division offers discrete, high-level counsel, strategy, messaging, and communications guidance to organizations seeking to convey their values and impact. We believe inclusive engagement is not just a one-off box to check; it’s a practice, a process, a strategy to deepen authentic connections while building a more competitive brand.

Cultural competency can help clients in lots of ways: enhancing brand perceptions, cultivating a more satisfied staff, grappling with crises, or taking proactive and transformative action toward greater equity and impact. We help connect organizations with the right people, knowledge, language, and strategies to put their values into practice. 

Watch the video below and find out in 75 seconds how Cultural Competency can make all the difference:

Our team’s lived experience, combined with BerlinRosen’s long standing work on key issues—racial and social justice, climate change, LGBTQ+ rights, reproductive rights, workers’ rights, and more—position us to help clients navigate tough moments and provide meaningful engagement with internal and external audiences. Our team has partnered with many organizations, from Nike to GLAAD, to advocate for equity and push industries to adopt policies that are responsive to stakeholders of all identities and experiences.  

We know this kind of work can be delicate, personal, and ongoing. We’re not here to judge; we’re here to help.

There are multiple entry points for culture-change work. Send us a message and let’s get started.